Team WGI

WGI is currently in its 10th year of operation, providing claims adjusting and management services to the insurance industry, which includes all perils, nationwide, for both residential and commercial properties. Walker Group, Inc. also provides one of the most complete adjuster training programs in the industry. 
Headquartered in Southeast Iowa, WGI is strategically located in an area with a low instance of catastrophic events. We are in a zero seismic zone, have no hurricanes and are in an elevated area that will not flood. Logistically, it is beneficial that our support operations are safe from a catastrophic event which might damage utility infrastructure in Texas. 
It has been our experience with hurricanes and large catastrophes along the Gulf and Eastern seaboard that there is a distinct advantage to having our initial catastrophe operations and management located in the Midwest area. When power is out on a widespread scale, utilities, phone, and infrastructure damaged by wind and water, WGI is still operational.